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Develop the system for the US Government

In 1964, Robert M. Exsterstein purchased the Okinawa branch of Hong Kong-based American Engineering Federated to create the American Engineering Corporation (AEC). Along with partner Richard G. Boudreault and contributions from Kenkichi Nakamoto and 20 employees, Mr. Exsterstein began a path of successful “firsts” for its U. S. Government clients: AEC was the first to install a central air conditioning system with centrifugal compressors (at the US Army Hospital in Camp Kuwae); first to install a central air conditioning system in a military barracks in Okinawa; first to install a heat-pump system in Okinawa; and first to install central residential air conditioning units in military family housing units in Okinawa.

The strong base of services provided in Okinawa drove expansion. AEC has evolved to a “one-stop shop” for both Government and commercial enterprises in Okinawa and Japan. AEC’s foundation in cooling and refrigeration systems led to growth in adjacent areas to meet increasing client needs. AEC offers:

  • Engineering construction expertise, regardless of size and complexity, providing services in architectural, mechanical and civil engineering;
  • Information technology (IT) services, such as data center security, voice over IP and audio/visual technology;
  • Security systems such as CCTV, intrusion detection and access control systems;
  • Fire protection services, including alarms, suppression and inspection, testing and maintenance;
  • Supply chain support, helping clients to source, resell, install and maintain the products and parts required to service their infrastructure and provide the same quality materials and parts warranty that US customers enjoy;
  • General maintenance services, to support and maintain client's environments to meet rigorous Government requirements and ensure quality of service.

AEC’s strong performance over the years has earned the recognition of the industry, the US Government and its business partner. AEC is listed consistently in top ten of Okinawa Prefecture Construction companies and top 100 companies in Okinawa, as well as listed as number one in Okinawa for Special Construction with U.S. Government projects in Okinawa. In addition, manufacturers such as Carrier Corporation and Automatic Logic have named AEC a top performer in sales and project management for multiple years.

AEC has grown from the original 20 employees to over 500 employees. AEC headquarters remains based in Okinawa but the company has expanded to mainland Japan with a branch office in Sagamihara Kanagawa Prefecture and field offices in Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture, Misawa Aomori Prefecture and Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture.