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【Tokyo Office】Security Project Manager

Employment Status Permanent Employee/Contract Employee
Contract Period Permanent Employee : Non-fixed
Contract Employee : 6 months/1 year
* Conditionally renewable contract
Recruitment numbers 4 openings
Work Contents About our Security Department
We sell and install overseas security products (access control systems, intrusion detection systems, camera monitoring systems, etc.) mainly to foreign companies.

Security Project Managers are responsible for visiting sites in the Kanto area and other parts of Japan to serve as liaisons with customers, making proposals in line with their needs and managing the installation process.

Main duties:
・Customer service (sales, meetings, etc.)
・Estimate preparation
・Project process and budget management
・Liaison with partner companies
・Liaison with related departments within the company (contracts, orders, billing)
・Maintenance and troubleshooting after completion of construction
・Administrative work such as report writing, etc.

Inexperienced workers are WELCOME!!! 
After entering the company, you will accompany senior employees on site and learn the flow of construction and basic operations through on-the-job training.
Even if you come from a different industry, you can make the most of your sales skills and work experience in this job.
Required Skills
and Experience
・PC skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
・Legal resident of Japan
・Japanese (N2 level or above, able to read and write emails)

・Able to communicate in English (speaking, reading and writing), or willing to use English in the workplace.
・Sales experience 
・Experience in construction management (electrical, equipment, etc.)
・Experience in management or administration
Required License ・Proficient in using MS Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and MS Project scheduling
・Japanese Driver's License, Required.
・Business level Japanese (conversation, reading and writing)  
・Business level English (conversation, reading and writing)   
・Legal resident of Japan (Resident / Work visa)
Work Location Tokyo Branch Office (Project on-site)
Salary 250,000-350,000 JPY per month
Qualification Allowance 5,000-50,000JPY (Depends on kinds of licence/qualification)
Commuting Allowance Commuting Allowance or Commuting Expense (Train or Bus)
**Maximum Amount of Allowance:30,000yen/month
**Commuting by private owned vehicle is conditionally allowed.
Working Hours 8:00-17:00 (Lunch break 1h)
* There might be some overtime work.
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, Other days as specified by the company
** 10 days of annual leave will be provided when 6 months of service is completed.
Bonus Twice a year (July and December)
Base salary x 2.0 total (Results from previous year is 2.85)
Pay Raise Once a year (Spring)
Retirement Bonus Applicable to join the system when an employee reaches 1 year of service
Benefits Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Employees' Pension, Employment Insurance etc.)
Congratulatory (Wedding, Birth, Education),Condolence
Others ・About 40% of our employees are foreign nationals, creating an open and international work environment. Many motivated members are active in the company, regardless of age or experience.
・Internal and external training is available.
・Long-service awards and qualification acquisition system
・100% reinstatement rate after maternity or childcare leave (the rate of fathers taking childcare leave is also increasing)
Application Method Send Resume, curriculum vitae (CV) and AEC application form by postal mail or E-mail.
Contact Information Atten: TBO HR
3F, Chuo-Sogyo Bldg. 3-20-1, Sagamiono, Minami Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa, Japan 252-0303

TEL: 042-701-8699 *TBO HR Direct
FAX: 042-701-8473

** Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00
Selection Process 1. Paper/CV Screening
2. Interview

【Tokyo Office】Accounting Admin

We are a general construction company that serves mainly U.S. military bases and foreign-affiliated companies is looking for an accountant.
This is a global work environment where about half of the employees are foreign nationals.

Specific job duties
- Accounting
・Handling of expense reimbursement
・Petty cash management
・Financial institution/payment support
・Handling of inquiries from inside and outside the company, etc.

Working Environment
- About half of the employees are English speakers, and English is used on a daily basis.
- Work with team members while double-checking work
- An environment that is motivated to improve operations and work efficiency
- Work-life balance is encouraged, and it is easy to take leave.
- 100% return to work after maternity/paternity leave (we also encourage fathers to take maternity/paternity leave)

Current stafff characteristics:
- Experienced studying abroad/working holiday staff (20s to 40s)
- Highly motivated to support workers from overseas
- People who are changing jobs after childbirth, while raising children, or after raising children.

Example of a typical day
08:00 Arrive at work (3-minute walk from Sagamiono Station on the Odakyu Line)
09:00 Team meeting
10:00 Check expenses (Confirm details with employees and process expenses using email, phone, and chat function)
12:00 Lunch break (bring your own lunch or visit one of the many restaurants or convenience stores nearby)
13:00 Payment
14:00 Tally up the total using Excel
16:00 Check petty cash
17:00 Leave the office