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Combining comfort and efficiency by introducing a building management system

We have experience with various types of building automation systems (BAS) utilizing BACnet, LonWorks and Niagara protocols. Our end-users and clients are from various vertical markets such as Education, Data Center, Healthcare, and Retail.

Our focus is on providing an efficient control system that is tailored to meet the specific needs of our client.

BACnet™ Building Automation System

We specialize in BACnet(TM) protocol networks which are one of the leading protocols for building automation systems today. There are many manufacturers supporting the BACnet(TM) protocol, which allows our clients flexibility (not being locked with one manufacturer).

Automated Logic

We have trained personnel for Automated Logic products, including expertise with WebCTRL(R), Automated Logic’s building automation system. In addition to building automation, WebCTRL(R) allows you to generate energy reports and provide historical data. Its web-based access allows for remote management from any location.

LonWorks™ Building Automation Systems

We have LonMark(R) Certified System Integrators for LonWorks(TM) building automation systems. LonWorks(TM) is another interoperable system in the industry today.

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Joel Chester

I enjoy being part of a diverse working group. Each individual brings something different to the table which creates our unique team. The key to our success is our people.