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We're here to fix or maintain your equipment

American Engineering Corporation’s Maintenance Department can tackle just about any maintenance or repair requirement. Even if your equipment is antiquated and parts hard to locate, American Engineering Corporation’s team has a broad technical knowledge base and over 50 year’s experience in sourcing parts. Whether the job is big or small, a Technician will survey the needs for your requirement and provide an accurate assessment, and if necessary, troubleshoot to determine repair parts needed to bring your system or equipment back into operation.

A comprehensive list of what types of equipment our Maintenance Department’s Maintenance and Repair experience would be too lengthy, but we would like to highlight a few:

Some areas of expertise include:

Air Compressors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Backflow Prevention Devices, Breathing Air Compressor Systems, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Conveyor Systems, Dock Levelers, Gate Security Systems (Ten-Key, Bollards, Spikes, Crash Barriers, etc.), Generators, Forklifts, Fuel Dispensing Systems, Hoists, Industrial Water Treatment, Laundry Equipment, Lock Systems and Devices, Marquees, Mechanized Material Handling Equipment, Media Blast Systems, Medical Gas Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Playgrounds, Power assisted Mechanical Doors (Warehouse, Hardened Shelters, etc.), Waste Treatment Systems, and Vertical Transportation Equipment.

Additionally we provide some specialty services, such as: Application & Stripping of Bed-Lining (and like compounds), Asset Corrosion Rehabilitation & Refurbishment, Backflow Prevention Device Testing & Certification (ABPA Certified), Commercial Fryer Calibration & Certification, Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Duct Cleaning, and custom Metal Fabrication.

Lastly, we provide Management and/or Equipment Support for just about any project imaginable that falls below the standard guidelines of our Construction & Engineering Department. We have facilitated and assisted in projects such as Kitchen Equipment replacements, Hearing Booth Replacements, Military Equipment Retrofit & Upgrades, Mobile Corrosion Service of Marine Corps Assets, Install and Teardown of Simulator Units, and have provided Simulator Trainers, Field Service Representatives, On-Call OEM Support – as well as short term tools and equipment rentals.


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Douglas Baker

We welcome all requests and look forward to providing service and support solutions within Okinawa, and Mainland Japan.