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Security, The protection of important business information, data, assets, safety and facilities is becoming more imperative. Not only to prevent damage to assets, but to also increase productivity by ensuring a safe and reliable work environment.
Modern security systems are an efficient and cost effective solution for organizations of all sizes. Open architect systems and devices provide a single interface solution and are easily scalable, making it more user friendly than ever.

American Engineering Corporation (AEC) provides these solutions through our team of seasoned, globally diverse Security professionals.


AEC is more than happy to support your procurement, implementation and integration needs.


Controls access by implementing Card Readers/Biometric readers to doors and security gates


Live monitoring and recording using Network and Analog cameras


Alarm detection via Motion Sensors, Door & window open sensors, CCTV motion analytics and many more.


Procurement  Procurement

A variety of security systems and end device products are available to meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Implementation Support  Implementation Support

AEC professionals provide support for your implementation needs.

  • Security consulting
  • Security design, Security system design
  • 3rd party System integration with systems such as Building Management Systems and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Project management for implementation projects
  • Security system set up and program configuration
  • Security system migration programming
  • And more

Aftercare  Aftercare

AEC provides Aftercare support which is important for maintaining an effective system stress free.

  • Frequent system and device health check
  • Service call troubleshoot & repair
  • Support for Planned power outage

Security operation On-site support  Security operation On-site support

A security system full potential can only be realized by utilizing its full capabilities.
AEC provides On-site outsourcing support of professional security operation staff to help you with your system as well as security related tasks.

  • System operation support
  • Monitor and analyze alarms
  • ID Badge management
  • Security function test and audit
  • User security training
  • Event security support
  • Security policy build and update
  • And more


Staff:Ryo Oki

Ryo Oki

We believe maintaining a leading edge on technology in an age when such advancements are constantly exponential is imperative.
We encourage innovative thinking and ideas inspired from our globally diverse background.
We have a very good team more than happy to support your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.