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Cookie Policy

American Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) sets forth this Policy to collect particular formation with the use of Cookies or other similar technologies in accordance with the provisions thereof.

1. Cookies

“Cookies” refer to small files that are sent from a web server to the browser of the customers’ computers or mobile devices when they visit a website, and automatically saved in the hard disk drive of such devices. The Company may use these Cookies to authenticate the customers’ browsers upon their re‐visit to the Company’s website.
Cookies set by the owner of the website (the Company) are called “1st Party Cookies”, and those set by third parties, the partners of the Company, are called “3rd Party Cookies”.

2. Purpose of Use of Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

When customers browse the Company’s website, the Company may use Cookies to identify their computers and enable the Company’s service.
The Company may also use the information collected through the use of Cookies or other similar technologies to analyze the customers’ use of the website (access status, traffic, routing, etc.), and thereby improve the performance of the website itself, and enhance the services provided to customers by the Company through the website.
The Company may classify customers according to particular conditions inferred from the information obtained via Cookies, and provide affiliate companies with information related to such classification, as in advertising distributors, media companies, advertising companies, and advertisers. Such information provided by the Company may be used for the purpose of distributing behavioral targeting advertising to customers.
The Company shall only disclose the information collected via Cookies and other similar technologies to third parties within the extent permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

3. Managing Cookies

Customers may disable or restrict the use of Cookies by changing their browser settings, and the Cookies created on the devices may be deleted at any time.
However, if the Cookies are disabled or deleted, some if not all of the functions on our website may be unavailable.

The Company may change the content of this Policy without prior notice. Any changes made to the Cookie Policy shall be notified via the Company website.

September 1, 2020