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Career Opportunities

A career with American Engineering Corporation is a challenging and rewarding experience in which you have the opportunity to work directly with members of both the local and military communities in a very wide variety of fields including IT, construction, design, heating and air conditioning, security, and more.

American Engineering Corporation takes pride in its diverse, international team of engineers and technicians. Our teams provide the strategic and tactical expertise to help customers meet their business and compliance requirements. If you are looking for a unique and exciting career in a work environment that is constantly evolving to take advantage of the latest technology, then please check our recurring job openings below.

In accordance and compliance with current Japanese employment requirements, American Engineering Corporation pre-requisites for employment include, but are not limited to;

  • Japanese Nationals or personnel possessing a valid Japan VISA and must possess a valid Japan Driver's License. International Licenses are not valid for personnel residing in Japan.
  • SOFA status personnel are considered for employment with the SOFA sponsor's command approval.
  • In addition to item (a), AEC can provide a VISA; however, based on article 19 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, VISA can only be provided when the individual possesses a trade, license, or degree which can not be found in the local employment market.

How to Apply

1. Download Application for Employment form

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2. From the recruiting positions listed below, select the position you are seeking employment for.

3. Complete Application of Employment form (Page 1-3) and submit with your resume upon ENTRY.

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